a river

Even Justin sings about this site. Timberlake. Not Bieber.

Posterbook Prototype


Night of the Teachers

Le Petit Prince

Geen Hersens in m’n Hart

Het ene oor in, ander oor uit.

Jonah & The Whale





Kraai is Dutch for crow. You know, the smart, mysterious and dark birds that kind of make you think of me? Obviously I opted for the Dutch word, as the Timberlake pun wouldn’t come across otherwise. Crow me a river? Roosters crow and it might make you want to cry, but roosters aren’t crows.

Apart from those great features stated previously, I am a software engineer disproving the cliché of the boring geek that codes during the day and watches Doctor Who by night. I do watch Doctor Who, but creativity overcomes the coding and whatever you believe a software engineer does. I offer you the best right and left brain balance with not alone excellent sane solutions to whatever problems you may have, but insanely inventive insights as well.

Hand me anything to draw with and I will give you illustrations. No, actually I have my own tools. I just need your wishes to feed on.

And as you know, a genie grants three wishes. So if graphic design is more your cup of tea, you need only ask.

Also, I might draw a lot of lines – it’s my job you see – that doesn’t mean I outline my creativity. Therefore I am always willing to try out some of your crazy ideas.


Whether you’re determined and know what needs to be done and want me to do it, or you’re still hesitantly playing with some ideas: just send me a note – or book if conciseness is not your style – or pick up the good old phone and we’ll get together some time soon to find out exactly what you want.

Ibrahim Bouchrika (That is my actual name)
Achterleie 13
9000 Gent

+32 478 23 47 98

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